Trenkle Uhren - A perfect sample of quality workmansip

Following the famous "German Clock Trail" through one of the most beautiful valleys of the Black Forrest, here in Simonswald, you will find our factory which has been making traditional clocks for more than 30 years.

Everything from the case of the mechanism is produced and assembled in our factory.

In our modern carpentry workshop the screen printed wooden boards are sawed an processed further so that all parts of the case are carefully assembled.

The mechanism among other parts is stamped by hand in brass sheet, wheels and retaining springs are assembled in precise detailled wrk by our experienced employees which are then fitted into the various cases.

Before a clock leaves our factory, it is tested, inspected and set.

Our creative ideas are expressed in our ever changing models which add to the varied range already available.

This is our claim to high standard rights.

I invite you to come along and be inspired by our Black Forrest quality work.


Bernhard Trenkle